7 Fun Facts About Goldendoodles

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Fun Facts About Your Goldendoodle –

Who doesn’t love Goldendoodle trivia?!😁 In this blog post we share Seven Fun & Interesting Facts you might have not have known about Goldendoodles! 

Fact 1. Goldendoodles Are Stronger And More Healthy Than Their Pure-Bred Counterparts

It’s a fact! Known as “Hybrid Vigor”, Goldendoodles inherit the best of both worlds when it comes to strong genetics.

This is due to being bred from two separate bloodlines – known as a “Designer Breed”. In the case of the ‘Doodle, the blood lines are from a Poodle and a Golden Retriever – hence the name “Goldendoodle”.

A major benefit of having a Goldendoodle is – because of their inherently strong genetics, they typically don’t need as many vet visits as other breeds do. With proper nutrition and exercise, your ‘Doodle will stay strong and healthy for many years to come.

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Did You Know?  Our Goldendoodle pups are bred from AKC registered and/or Health-Tested parents to ensure our clients are only getting pets with the most robust genetics!


Fact 2. They Haven’t Been Around All That Long

Goldendoodles have only been around since about the 1990’s. They rose in popularity, due to their robust genetics, intelligence and “family-friendliness.”

According to this article on Rover.com, Goldendoodles are now in the top percentage of the most popular dog breeds in America!

Fact 3. Goldendoodles Make Fantastic Guide Dogs & Therapy Animals

Goldendoodles are known to be very intelligent and easy to train, as well as very loving and loyal.

These qualities make them perfect for companion and service dogs for the sick, disabled, and elderly, for instance:

  • Nursing homes
  • Hospital patients
  • Blind people
  • Hospice residents
  • Disabled children

We are honored to have several of our clients have their ‘Doodles in use as service dogs!

Fact 4. They Love To Learn New Things

The same qualities that make them great for service dogs, makes ‘Doodles terrific students! ????????

Goldendoodles love to please, and with the legendary Poodle intelligence, they are quick learners. Even older dogs are quick to pick up new tricks or commands.

We wrote an entire blog post about training your ‘Doodle, check it out for more on training!


Bonus Fun Fact: Goldendoodles are good with people and other pets, and make the ideal pet dog for the entire family! (We might be slightly biased, of course..😉)


Fact 5. They Come In Many Colors and Sizes

Goldendoodles come in many gorgeous and unique colors! Colors range from deep red, to black, to cream, and various mixes, such as two solid colors (known as Parti), a dark color with light patches (Tuxedo) and the most uncommon and unique of all – multiple shades intertwined with each other in a gorgeous mottled patina. (Merle).

Sizes vary largely as well, from Standard (average 55-65 LB), Medium (45-55 LB) and Mini (18-25 LB).

But even in the same litter, Goldendoodles can vary in size from a wee runt to extra big!

Fact 6. Goldendoodles Have A Long Lifespan

The best thing about Goldendoodles? They live for many years!

Their typical life span is from 12 to 14 years, of happy, fun-filled family time.

Fact 7. ‘Doodles Are Close To Completely Hypoallergenic

The truth is, no dog is completely hypoallergenic, even non-shedding dogs like the Goldendoodle!

They are, however, ideal for many people that do suffer from Pet Allergies – due to their none-to-very-low-shedding coats.


Our Clients Love Goldendoodles, & That’s A Fact!

Thanks For Reading! 

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