Hidden Acres Adoption Process

Hey friend! Ready for a new puppy? On this page, we’ll go over a few “house keeping rules” so you know what to expect when adopting a Hidden Acres puppy.

Let’s get started!

1. Get To Know Us

Get to know us! Adopting a puppy is an investment of time and money. We encourage you to join us on social media @hiddenacrespuppies to get familiar with the puppies we offer, and meet our other clients. We also have numerous blog posts and content pages with information here on our website, such as our Health Guarantee and Adoption Terms. 

2. Waiting List

An important thing about our email list that distinguishes us from other breeders: We Do Not Have A Traditional Waitlist. Instead, we have a simple email list that anyone interested in a puppy can join to get notified of available puppies and occasional other news from us.

The advantages of this approach is its simplicity and No Waiting In Line! We send out notifications a day or more in advance, when and what time, new puppies will be available on our website. From there, it is a First Come, First Serve Basis to place a deposit on our website. 

Note: You must be subscribed to our list to get notified! You may join us here, or anywhere you see a signup form on our website.

“Before The Deposit” Checklist

  • Find Your Puppy – we’ll send out pictures, videos, and other details well in advance, so you can choose your puppy or litter for when we open it for deposits.
  • Read our Adoption Terms and Health Guarantee. This is the agreement with which you may adopt a puppy from us, so it’s important that you understand before you place your deposit. 
  • Ask the questions – We try to be responsive as possible to questions about our puppies. Contact Us Here
  • Make arrangements – Puppies are usually adopted within hours of going live on the website, so if you have questions, or need to talk to your spouse, roommate, or great uncle Joe, make sure you get that squared away now. 😉

3. Deposits

Once the puppies (or litter) goes live on the website, you may jump on, select the puppy you want, and place a deposit to reserve it as yours! We’ll be in touch afterwards, with choosing (for litter deposits) and pickup details, as well as additional resources for your adoption journey.

4. Choosing

For individual puppies, you may place your deposit on the puppy of your choice to reserve it. For litters, you will get to choose your puppy in the order we got the deposits. For example, if there’s 3 boys in the litter, and there’s 3 still available when you place your deposit, that means you have 1st pick of the boys in that litter. If there’s 2 (of 3) available, that means you have 2nd pick, etc.

Choosing your puppy happens once the reach 5 – 6 weeks old. We’ll either send you a video link, or you may visit us in person. We will coordinate that with you, after you’ve placed your deposit.

5. While You Wait..

Ah, now just to wait until pickup day!! 😍 We post updated photos of your pup on our Facebook page, about every two weeks. We’ll also send you more resources via email, including links to our recommended food, and puppy products.

6. Pickup Day

Few things are as exciting as going to pick up your pup! Pickup day comes once your pup has reach a minimum of eight weeks old.

We’ll coordinate the time and place well in advance so you can make plans if needed.

“Pickup Day” Checklist

  • Payment – you’ll need to bring final payment for your puppy. We accept cash, good checks, Venmo, Cashapp, PayPal, and credit cards. PayPal and credit cards will be charged an additional 3% processing fee.
  • Carrier, Peepads, and food/water bowls (for long trips) Its normal for your pup to get a little carsick, or make a mess during the trip home. You should plan accordingly.
  • Phone or camera – For taking lots of pictures! 😍 We have large, beautiful, shaded areas for taking pics of your new furbaby.
  • Vet Appointment – We ask that you schedule your pup for a health checkup within three days of taking it home. This helps ensure that your pup doesn’t have any hidden health issues that should be caught as early as possible.


A list of our resources to help you be informed!