Hidden Acres Puppies Changes Ownership

hidden acres moves to montana mountains

Changes are coming to Hidden Acres Puppies!

The short story is – long-time owner and founder, Norma is slowly transitioning away from Hidden Acres, towards getting married and moving across the country to be with family!

However, the long story might answer some of your questions – hence the reason for this blog post!

So…First A Little Backdrop..

Years ago, when Hidden Acres Puppies was begun, owner, Norma discovered Goldendoodles and a love of, not just the breed, but her clients whom she was able to match with gorgeous, fluffy Goldendoodle puppies.

Fast forward to today, Norma has an amazing fiance, and is preparing for a September 2020 wedding. 

However, getting remarried also includes plans to move across the country to be closer to family.

Norma and her soon-to-be husband close to their soon-to-be Montana wilderness home!

What will happen to Hidden Acres?

Glad you asked!

You may know me (Eric) as the “website & email guy”. Indeed, I have had the honor of partnering with Norma over the past almost three years, sending out emails, and taking care of her website and other technical stuff in the background.

During that time I’ve gotten to know Norma like family. You won’t find anyone more dedicated to her family, clients, and business, of that I’m convinced.

After considerable time spent considering the options, we’ve come to the unanimous decision to keep Hidden Acres Puppies here in Texas, where we can keep focusing on serving our clients just as before.

However, beginning soon, there will be a few changes..

Norma approached me with an offer of taking over full ownership of the kennels. We both felt keeping Hidden Acres here in Texas, worked best with both the dogs and existing service to our clients.

On that note, beginning soon, I will be taking on a more direct role in the customer care, taking care of the puppies on a daily basis, etc.

We are aiming to make the transition fully by October the 1st. At that point, Norma will no longer be actively involved with Hidden Acres Puppies.

What will this mean for the clients of Hidden Acres Puppies?

What does this mean for our clients?

Other than a face change (myself) – very little!

Any puppies adopted after October 1st, 2020, you will likely be talking to myself, my wife (You’ll love her), or another team member.

You may get to meet a few new team members we’ll bring on board to help manage our messages, phone calls, and social media accounts.

We will continue delivering the customer care and gorgeous pups we’re known for. Hidden Acres Puppies will stay at the same place it is now.

We’ll do everything we can to ensure there’s as smooth a transition as possible.


Meet the soon-to-be new owner of Hidden Acres – Eric and his lovely wife Katrina! If you want to connect – send him a friend request on Facebook – @eric.schlabach.12

What Norma’s Plan?

Norma and her fiance will be starting a new Goldendoodle kennel in Montana!

Many of you have become personal friends of hers, and will miss her (as we will all)

What you can do if you want to keep in touch – make sure you follow her when she opens her new social media accounts!

And yes, the technical expert here will be helping them get a new website and social media setup again in Montana!

Follow Norma on her new social media accounts!

We’ll soon be releasing the name of the new Montana dog kennel! Once that happens, we’ll let our fans and followers know so you can continue following Norma and her family as they start on their new adventures in Montana!


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