Before Puppy Adoption FAQ

What is a Designer Breed?

“Designer Breeds” are the result of crossing two separate breeds to create a new breed that inherits the best qualities of both breeds.

To meet our current adult dogs, visit our Adult Dogs page.


How do I adopt a puppy?

We ask for a secure deposit on an available puppy or litter from our shop pages to reserve a puppy for you until pickup day.

You can also make an appointment for a video call or in-person visit before adopting.

Please see our Adoption Process page for more.

Are there ever any discounts?

We offer discounts to military/public service members and their families, charities/non-profits, & return customers. We may also drop pricing for our older puppies, special events and for multiple (two or more) puppies purchased at the same time.

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What sizes do you offer?

Sizes vary somewhat, but they are classed as follows:

A) Mini Size: Between 18-25 lb.
B) Medium Size: Between 30-45 lb.
C) Standard Size: Between 55-75 lb.

What Health Guarantee do you offer?

Every Hidden Acres puppy comes with a 72hr full-coverage Health Guarantee, a 12 mo Genetic Health Guarantee**, (18 months with the use of NuVet Supplements), up-to-date health records, age-appropriate vaccinations, up-to-date dewormers, and recent vet check before it goes to its new home.

**More details on the Terms & Conditions page

When can I take mine home?

By law, we are required to keep them until they are at least eight weeks old. This means they have received the first of their vaccinations and helps ensure they are strong and healthy for the adjustment to their new families. We’ll be in touch to schedule pickup details after you’ve placed a deposit.

Before Puppy Goes Home FAQ

When do I need to get my new puppy vet-checked?

We ask you to take your new puppy to your vet no more than three days after it’s left our home in order to be covered by our 72hr Health Guarantee. While we do our utmost to ensure your puppy is 100% healthy and sound before it’s picked up, the stress of moving in and adjusting to their new family and environment, can occasionally cause related issues best caught as early as possible!

When can I come choose my puppy?

Choosing in-person is only available for VIP deposits or for puppies eight weeks old or older. All others will be chosen via video for bio-security. We open it up to start choosing puppies once they reach 5 weeks. You will be in line to choose, in the order we received the deposits. We will contact you as soon as your turn comes!

What should I feed my puppy?

We love and highly recommend a premium dog food from Life’s Abundance! Even if you plan to switch, we ask you to purchase at least a small bag to use until your pup is settled in. While we don’t require it, we highly recommend you keep using it for the best results in your puppy’s health! You can see more information on the Feeding Your Puppy Page

What do I need before picking up my puppy?

Food: We ask you order at least one bag of LA dog food to be ready for your puppy. If needed, we’ll send a small bag home with you. More info here.

Supplements: We use and highly recommend NuVet Supplements. You’ll receive a sample pack to take home, and you may preorder here.

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Will my puppy come with it’s vaccinations already?

Yes! They will have received updated shots before going home. The health records, with veterinary notes and vaccination labels are included with every puppy. 

What additional supplements do you recommend? 

We use and highly recommend NuVet Supplements. In fact, we believe in them so strongly, we’ll give you an additional six months on our one-year Genetic Health Guarantee! If you still need to order yours to have it ready for your new puppy, here’s our handy dealer link: NuVet Supplements.

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