Fun Tricks You Can Teach Your Goldendoodle

Teaching Goldendoodle Tricks

Teach Your Goldendoodle These Simple and Fun Tricks!

It isn’t at all hard to teach your Goldendoodle fun tricks. Doodles are known to be exceptionally smart and they catch on very quickly.

Plus, it is lots of fun to show off your dog’s skills with some cool tricks!

Teaching your puppy fun tricks is a great way to bond with your furry companion, and at the same time offer them mental stimulation.

All you need is some patience, love, and a little perseverance, and your pup will be impressing your friends and family in no time! 

Obedience First

Make sure that your dog is old enough to know his name and comes when called. The tricks listed below will be a lot easier to teach if your dog already knows the basic obedience commands such as come, sit, and stay.

Once he has mastered the basics, teaching your pup a trick or two is a breeze. It spices up your normal routine, and makes learning for your pet educational and fun at the same time.


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#1 Shake Paws

Shake a paw is probably the easiest trick you can teach your Goldendoodle. Charm your friends by having your pooch greet them with a “hand shake.” Most dogs naturally like using their paws, and will catch on quite quickly.

Begin by having your puppy sit in front of you. Say “shake” or “paw” while holding a treat in front of him. Hold out your other hand and encourage him to lift his paw. As soon as he does so, hold his paw in your hand and reward him with the treat, and lots of verbal praise.

Keep practicing daily and always use the same paw for training. The goal is to get your fur baby to shake a paw on command, and then you can start eliminating the treats and offer only verbal praise instead. 

#2 Roll Over

This second trick to teach your ‘Doodle may take a bit more effort to get your dog to understand, but it is well worth it.

Grab a few treats and put your dog in the Down position. Scratch his stomach until he rolls over onto his hip. Take a treat and slowly move it around his head. The goal is to get your puppy to turn his head without getting up.

If he seems to lean into it, say “roll over” and help him flip over all the way. Once he completes a full circle, immediately reward him and tell him how wonderful he is.

Again, this may take longer for your dog to catch on, but with patience and praise he should accomplish it. Practice a few times over several training sessions.


Top Tip: Keep your training sessions short and lighthearted. Two or three 10-minute sessions are better than one long session, especially with a puppy.

#3 Fetch

Fetch is a fairly common trick that every Goldendoodle should be proud to know! You can easily teach your dog to bring you simple objects like a stick or a ball.

If your dog is not a natural for fetching, cut a slit into a rubber ball and put a treat inside. After you’ve shown him that there’s something inside, give the ball a toss. At first, run with him and get the ball; reward with the treat. 

After awhile, your puppy will learn what he needs to do: bring the ball to you in order to be rewarded.

After he has the concept down pat, practice throwing the ball a few times, before rewarding. You want to give the treats less and less often, so that after awhile he doesn’t need treats to fetch.

#4 Say Please

What could be cuter than a dog sitting on it’s hind legs begging for a treat? This is a moderately easy trick to teach your Goldendoodle, but it may require some patience, and practice over time.

The first step is asking your dog to sit. Hold a choice tid-bit above his head just out of reach and tell him “say please.”

As he reaches to get the treat he will very likely lift his front legs off the ground. As soon as he is in the begging position, reward him.

As your dog gets better at it, wait a little longer each time before rewarding. Repeat this a few more times, but remember to be kind and don’t overdo it.

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Top Tip:

It is important that you remain calm and positive. Avoid becoming frustrated and angry when your puppy just doesn’t seem to “get it”. Each puppy learns at a different pace, but be patient and enthusiastic, and he will learn much more quickly, and soon playing tricks will become a fun game!

#5 Jump through a hoop

This is a fun trick to impress your family and friends with, and it is relatively simple.

Start by getting your dog familiar with the hoop. (Hula hoops work excellent, or you can substitute with a long stick, if you don’t have a hoop handy.)

Use treats to lure him; if your puppy is nervous about going through the hoop. Keep it on the ground at first, until he is completely confident, then you can start raising it up.

Don’t rush results; practice makes perfect is the key here. Be sure to praise your Doodle for every step of progress he makes, and soon he will be soaring through the hoop, with no trouble at all!

Final Thoughts On Teaching Tricks To Your Goldendoodle

Teaching your canine companion some tricks is definitely a fun and engaging way to develop strong bonds. It can also help channel your dog’s energy in a good direction, and help keep him out of mischief.

You can use the tricks we mentioned as building blocks for your own variations. For example, instead of teaching your pup to shake a paw, teach him to high five. Take fetching a step further, and teach your Doodle to bring you your slippers or a magazine. The options are endless!

It will take time, patience, and most of all consistency, to teach tricks to your Goldendoodle. Don’t give up on the first try.

Although Doodles are quite sharp, it can take quite a few sessions over a period of several days for some dogs to learn a new command. Find out what methods work best with you and your puppy, and then stick to that. 

Your puppy will eventually learn to do what’s being asked of him, and it will come even quicker if you are patient, loving, and positive.

Happy training!

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