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We are Eric & Katrina, and as owners of Hidden Acres Puppies, we want to extend a warm welcome! Started by a single mom in 2014, we first started with Hidden Acres back in 2017.

Since then, we have fallen in love with Mini Goldendoodles & other “Designer” breeds. Our passion is connecting families with happy, healthy, family-friendly puppies; best friends that will last a lifetime! At home, our Goldendoodles love to romp in our large grassy running areas, and stay cool inside climate-controlled kennel buildings.

Our puppies love to play with our children and other dogs, and are well socialized with our other animals, and the great outdoors.

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About Hidden Acres Puppies – Why Goldendoodles & Designer Puppies?

We love Goldendoodles, Cockapoos, and other designer breeds for their family friendly personalities, gorgeous, low-shedding coats, and their high intelligence/ease of training. They are typically very healthy and long-lived as well.

Our designer puppies are well-knowned to be very sociable and loving. Our clients also love that Mini Goldendoodles and other designer puppies don’t shed, making them hypo-allergenic for most people. Our puppies are also very well socialized with other animals, children and adults, and the great outdoors. They love to snuggle and go for a romp in our large country living spaces. Our puppies are well taken care of and are of high quality. Giving the love the back to you and showing the affection we give our puppies back to you the customer. We hope you enjoy your new puppy!

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About Hidden Acres Puppies Promise

Since it’s beginning by a single mom in 2014, Hidden Acres Puppies is proud to continue the tradition of healthy, quality family pets. Our puppies will become a part of your family and will delight both young and old for many years to come!

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