How To Adopt A Puppy From Hidden Acres Puppies

You’ve been searching for the Perfect  ‘Doodle puppy to become a beloved family member for years to come… You’ve heard about us from your friends, found us on social media, or through a Google search, and now you’re ready to move on and adopt your new puppy! In this short and sweet post, we will […]

How To Train Your Goldendoodle Puppy

goldendoodle in front of whiteboard

DISCLAIMER: The following is written specifically for Goldendoodle puppy owners, but can be adapted to most new puppy owners. Training Your Goldendoodle Puppy Getting started training your new pup from scratch can look like a daunting task, if you have no prior experience.. But we’re here to put you at ease – and supply you […]

Five Things To Preparing For A New Puppy

man and woman holding goldendoodle

You just adopted a new puppy from a reputable breeder.  You’re Sooo Exciteddd!! But then you realize you’re not prepared to care for your new pet, and you’re not sure what all you need to know! In this post, we share Five Handy Pro-Tips to ensure you and your pup will have the smoothest “joining […]