How To Adopt A Puppy From Hidden Acres Puppies

You’ve been searching for the Perfect  ‘Doodle puppy to become a beloved family member for years to come…

You’ve heard about us from your friends, found us on social media, or through a Google search, and now you’re ready to move on and adopt your new puppy! In this short and sweet post, we will address one of our common questions, “What do I need to do to adopt a puppy?”

1. Is A ‘Doodle For You?

Chance are, if you’re reading this, you already know the answer to That question! 🙂

However, it’s still important that you are aware and prepared for new puppy ownership. (We have an entire post, dedicated to this topic)

puppies and kids

The Good Thing About Goldendoodles? They are known for their allergen friendly coats, family-centric personalities, intelligence and gorgeous looks! (In other words, the perfect family dog! ??) 

2. Browse Our Hidden Acres Website

We post our puppies and upcoming litters on our website as they become available. Search our available litters and puppies until you Find the One – the perfect match for your family!

Note: Due to the popularity ‘Doodles are enjoying, availability isn’t always guaranteed. (If it’s on our website, it is available)

We suggest you get on the waiting list if you want to be notified as new puppies/litters become available!

3. Questions? Contact Us

Now, most likely you’ll have a few questions regarding your puppy choice! If that’s you, now is a good time to do so.

We do our best to respond quickly during regular business hours. (Mon-Fri, 8 – 5). We are also available most weekends, but keep in mind you may need to wait longer, due to being after hours.

Additionally, we have answers to many of our most common questions on our Community page! Be sure to check – your question may have already been answered!

4. Place Your Deposit!

To reserve your puppy, place a deposit on the puppy / litter of your choice!

Deposits are placed right from our website. Choose the puppy you want to adopt, and check out with your card, Venmo, or PayPal account. You will only be charged our deposit fee, and then the rest will be due before or at the time you pick up the puppy.

If you haven’t contacted us previously, we will be in touch with you to arrange the pickup date and other details you might need to know!

FAQ: What happens if the puppy I reserved becomes unavailable for any reason?  A: You will have the option of a full refund, or transferring your deposit to another available puppy / litter.


couple by Christmas tree holding goldendoodle

“We cannot believe how lucky we are to have him! We are celebrating the holidays in Costa Rica with him, & he’s just such a good pup! God bless you and your family. Thank you for the best gift!”

Thanks For Reading! 

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