Five Things To Preparing For A New Puppy

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You just adopted a new puppy from a reputable breeder. 

You’re Sooo Exciteddd!! But then you realize you’re not prepared to care for your new pet, and you’re not sure what all you need to know! In this post, we share Five Handy Pro-Tips to ensure you and your pup will have the smoothest “joining the family” experience possible!

1. Food & Water

This first one seems pretty obvious, however, there’s a few do’s and don’ts, you might need to know, that will help making the transition easier for your puppy. 

✔Do: Get feed and water bowls. We recommend having them ordered and ready, Before your puppy comes home, to ensure the transition to your new home goes as smoothly as possible.

✖Don’t: Skimp on food! New and unfamiliar surrounding put stress on your puppy, and premium grain-free food will ensure your puppy has the nutrients it needs to handle the stress, and continue flourishing! 

Did You Know? We have an entire page dedicated to “Feeding Your Puppy”. Learn our recommendations for food for all your pets!

2. Home/Backyard Preparation

Preparing for your new puppy also means your house, backyard, (and any other places you expect your puppy to be), should be “puppy proofed”.

What does “puppy-proofing” look like?

✔Do: Designate an area just for your puppy. This could be a certain room, a corner of the garage, or even just his own bed, with his food & water bowls close by. This is especially helpful for a young puppy, giving it a sense of security with its own familiar corner for his own.

✔Do: Cleanup the clutter. Most puppies love to chew, as part of their normal development. They can quickly destroy and ingest toys, shoes, and other small objects, if left unsupervised. The best practice is to be aware of things your pup might find to chew on, and either remove them, or place them out of reach.


Bonus Pro-Tip: Discourage your pup from chewing your belongings, by giving him plenty of these completely natural chew sticks to keep him occupied!

3. Bed/Living Space

Especially for young puppies, this is an important step to ensure your pup feels secure and comfortable right away in his new home! Below are a few tips on what to get:

✔Comfy Doggy Bed. A soft, warm bed mimics the warmth of the mama dog and/or siblings your pup is used to, and helps him feel secure in his strange, new environment.

✔Snuggle Buddy. Snuggle buddies are plush stuffed animals, with a simulated heartbeat and heated fur. Pups love them, as it feels like mama! Using them, has a  calming and soothing effect, practically eliminating night-time crying or whimpering.

✔Play Pen. Play pens are large enough to let your puppy run and stretch, but keeps him contained in one area until he’s regained his confidence and is comfortable in his new environment. It’s also an ideal way to keep him safe while noone is with him.

4. Training

Now is a great time to brush up on training techniques, Before your new pup arrives! Taking the time to learn some potty training, and obedience training, will go a long way in being prepared to handle your new pup!

Need A Puppy Trainer In Your Pocket? Puppy Classes are a great place to start! Check out this fun-to-follow Online Program, and use our code HAP25 to get 25% off a lifetime of step-by step tutorials, resources, videos, and so much more!

Zac George on YouTube also has great training tips!


Bonus Pro-Tip: Bring towels or “pee-pads” at pickup time for a comfortable ride home, and to help catch any messes!

5. Accessories

There’s a host of additional accessories available for your new best friend. From walking, to feeding, to identification, these accessories can make your dog ownership experience easier and more enjoyable!

Here’s our list of “can’t-do-without” recommendations:

✔Collar. A quality collar both enhances your new pup’s looks, and serves as a great identifier if your pup (God-forbid) should ever wander off, or get stolen. We love the look of bandanna collars, or get a leather one, with a personalized name tag! 

✔Retractable Leash. Leashes come in all shapes and sizes. We love the retractable ones for ease-of-use, and storability. Or get a shorter, non-retracting version for a stout, economical version.

✔”Slow-Feed Dog Bowl. Slow feeding helps your pups digestion by forcing it to eat slower, instead of gulping it down without chewing properly as they are prone to do!

✔Carry Kennel Perfect for transportation to the vet (or the beach!) or anywhere it’s more convenient to carry your pup versus walking it. Make sure you get the appropriate size.

PS. Kennels also double as a doggy bed..just place the bed inside, or order a kennel bed!

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