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hidden acres puppies client with goldendoodle

We love our Hidden Acres families!

Our clients have come to us from all parts of Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and across the US. Perhaps the best part of raising puppies is meeting all of you, and hearing your Hidden Acres Puppies stories!

In this post, we are highlighting a few of our recent favorite stories, from clients showing off their puppies from Hidden Acres Puppies:

All testimonials published from our Hidden Acres Puppies public Facebook page, and/or with permission from their owners.

“Finley” – Owned by Nicole Proft

Nicole says:

I know our little guy isn’t your normal golden colored doodle, but we love his sweet nature and black doodle fur!

Thanks for bringing our Finley into this world. We can’t imagine life without him.

“Roux” – Owned by Rachel Blaine Gloer

Rachel writes:

Can’t believe we brought you home a year ago! We love our Magnolia Roux 🐾❤

previous puppies
previous puppies

“Champion” – Owned by Nancy A. Cole

Nancy says:

Champion is the sweetest boy…love Hidden Acres and their puppies!

“Colter” – Owned by Christine Sherman

Christine writes:

This is Colter who we adopted a few months ago. We 💗💚💗 her!!!! She is the happiest little thing.

“Skye” – Owned by Nancy M.

Nancy says:

Just thought you’d like to know – Skye (Stuart) is literally stopping traffic! A lady in a brand new car literally pulled over while I was walking him, to tell me he is absolutely beautiful, and wanted to know what kind of dog he is! He is turning heads everywhere with his new haircut!

“Charlie” – Owned by Stephanie Roberts Hendrix

Stephanie writes:

This is Charlie. He is from Toffee and Banjo’s litter, born July 24, 2020. He loves to play fetch and take naps 🥰 We absolutely adore our adventure buddy!

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“Millie” – Owned by Amy Chen

Amy wrote:

This is Millie! She is one of Sofia and Chico’s puppies, born on Dec.1, 2020. 🥰 She loves meeting new people, playing with her toys, and stealing our socks! 🤪

“Olive” – Owned by Jill Worden

Jill states:

Even though we are a “no dog bandana-wearing house”, after the vet put this one on her, I thought she needed a picture with the big camera. This is Olive (formerly Unity). She’s living her best life here in Houston. Here she is with her best friend Kye, my 12 yr-old son.

“Gus” – Owned by Debra Creel

Debra says: This is Gus! He’s a hot mess…in the best possible way. 🐶😂 He loves to go on walks, be scratched, attack throw pillows, and give kisses when I get home from work😘

“Noodle” – Owned by Amy De Jung

Amy writes:

We had one of Goldie and Banjos puppies from their Nov 2019 litter! Noodle has been so good and so far very healthy and easy to train-potty trained in just a few weeks!! She also constantly gets complimented on how beautiful she is!! Would love to connect with any of her siblings—please feel free to reach out! But otherwise- 10/10- would highhhly recommend on of Norma’s puppies!!!

hidden acres puppies client with goldendoodle

“Snickers” – Owned by Annette Rollins

Annette says:

I have had my Snickers for 4 weeks as of this coming Friday. He is so smart!! He knows his name, he can sit on command, he can speak and give me kisses. I love my baby boy.

>>Click Here for Annette’s FB video!<<

“Lyla” – Owned by Jennifer Weinberg

Jennifer writes:

Lyla is perfect! Our entire family is in love with her ❤ Thank you Hidden Acres!

“Bigly” – Owned by Don & Becky Forse

Don states:

Hard to believe it’s been a year since Bigly moved in. He’s had multiple x-rays, eaten rat poison, chewed a light bulb and made too much other mischief to mention.

He’s pretty much the worst dog ever. And we love him!

Thanks again Hidden Acres Puppies.

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