Covid-19 – Our Response to the 2020 Pandemic


Covid-19 is upon us whether we want it or not.

And the question is – how are we responding to it? 

At Hidden Acres Puppies at least, we believe a proactive approach is the best, not only for our many clients, but for our own family and puppies!

So let’s have this conversation. What are we doing throughout this Covid-19 pandemic, and and how will it affect you as a client?

1. Are we still open for business?

As of now, April 1, 2020, yes, we are! While our local county has issued a stay-at-home order, as an essential business based on our own property, we are continuing our customary client care… with a few precautions as detailed below.

Pro Tip: Now, more than ever, it is better to shop online to avoid the crowds. Including your dog food! We use and love LA Dog Food, a brand that’s only available online and is shipped right to your door!

2. What precautions are we taking?

Glad you asked!

While we’re still open for business, meaning we are allowing people to pickup their new pets here, we are asking to make sure you do not come to our property without making prior arrangements.

This helps us space out each client to ensure a minimal amount of people at one time, thus helping minimize the chance of inadvertently being exposed to the Covid-19 virus.

In addition we ask you to practice social distancing while picking up your pup and strongly recommend washing your face and hands with an antiseptic cleaner after you get home. 

3. Can I still legally travel to pick up my puppy?

As of now, yes, you may, if you live in Texas, as travel related to pets and pet care is permissible. (Including vet visits) However, this is a developing situation so you should always check your local and state laws especially if you live outside of Texas.

We will work as hard as we can, to get your pet to you safely and legally.

4. What else can I do to help?

Minimize your time with us to 30 minutes or less. It will minimize your risk of exposure to the virus, and will also help us schedule our clients better.

Be on time for your scheduled appointment. We frequently have multiple appointments throughout the day, so make sure you are here at the scheduled time, to make sure we can serve everyone better. If you need to reschedule, we will do our best to accommodate you.

Stay at home if you have, or suspect you have been exposed to the virus. Ditto if you have any symptoms, even if you know it’s not Covid-19. The risk you take with either spreading it or contracting it increases dramatically if your health is already compromised. 


The majority of you have been incredibly workable and understanding during this time we’re all in. Thank you, all of you, our truly extra-ordinary clients! ? We love each one of you! 

Thanks For Reading! 

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