16 Boredom Busters To Occupy Your Goldendoodle

occupy your Goldendoodle

Is your dog bored? Looking for some simple ways you can occupy your Goldendoodle?

A dog can develop some bad habits – digging, chewing, barking, and other destructive behaviors – if they have no mental stimulation, and become bored. 

And sometimes it can be a challenge to your pet occupied. To help you you out, we’ve put together a list of ideas you can try for entertaining your Doodle.

Indoor Activities To Occupy Your Goldendoodle

1. Puzzle Toys

Puzzle toys are an awesome way to keep your pup entertained. Plus it offers mental stimulation and hones his problem solving skills.

Try stuffing a Kong toy with treats or peanut butter for a simple but effective boredom buster. Or get a puzzle toy and fill it with kibble, and let him figure out how to get to the food inside.

2. Hide and Seek

This is a fun game you can play to work on your dog’s recall skills, as well as teaching him to stay.

Tell your dog to sit and stay, then go hide in another room. Call his name, and if he finds you, give lots of praise, or a treat.  

3. Find It

A variation of the second game, hiding treats or kibble around the house and letting your dog find them is a fantastic way to occupy your Goldendoodle.

4. Tug-Of-War

Playing a good old fashioned game of tug is a great way to mentally and physically exercise your furry friend. 

occupy your Goldendoodle

5. Obedience

Does your dog need some brushing up on his training skills? Some short training sessions on basic commands such as “come”, “sit”, and “stay” are great ways to hold the boredom at bay and keep his skills from getting rusty.

6. New Tricks

Your Doodle is never too old to learn a new trick! Once he has the basic obedience down-pat, try teaching a few tricks such as begging, roll over, or high five. 

If your Doodle already knows several tricks, up your game and combine several of them to make them more challenging. 

7. New Toys

Dogs get bored with old toys. To keep their interest, give your puppy one or two toys at a time, and then rotate them out every couple days. DIY a few simple toys, or buy new ones now and then, to have plenty of options. 

occupy your Goldendoodle
Pro TIp 

To make an easy DIY dog toy, simply cut an old t-shirt into strips and braid them together! 

Google search “DIY dog toys” for more inspiration!

8. Jobs

Who doesn’t like having a purpose and to feel useful?!

Dogs love having tasks to complete. Incorporating doggy sized jobs into your daily routine will give your dog something meaningful to do, and in turn, build his confidence. 

Start with simple tasks such as fetching your slippers or the remote. You can even teach your Doodle to clean up his toys!  

Outdoor Games To Occupy Your GoldenDoodle

1. Walking

Is your Doodle getting enough physical exercise? It goes with out saying that your dog needs plenty of fresh air and exercise to relieve boredom and keep him in top health.

Burn off a lot of excess energy by going on daily walks or runs with your pup. And try to keep your walks interesting: they should be more than just a potty break. Try new routes, and allow your dog to stop and explore if he likes.

2. Work On Training

Training is something you can always work on, inside or out! Work on the important basic commands, and make sure your dog knows them well. 

Teach him how to walk nicely on a leash, come when called, and sit calmly when you ask. 

3. More Tricks!

This is another great awesome way to occupy your Goldendoodle, indoors or out – plus a fun way to show off how smart your pooch really is! 

Does your dog know how to jump through a hoop, or weave through your legs? Charm your friends by having your Doodle greet them with a “hand shake”.

There are endless commands and tricks you can teach your dog just for fun! Discover your dog’s interests and consider signing up for a dog training class.

For example, if your Doodle really likes to run, check out an agility course. If he’s not into running, try nose work games to offer mental stimulation.

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4. Something to Chew

Most dogs love to chew, and puppies especially go through a stage when they seemingly chew everything in sight. Providing a chew toy or bones keeps him entertained and helps to stop your pup from chewing and biting things he shouldn’t.

5. Play date

Socializing your puppy is very important to his development, and exposing him to new places, people, and other pets is a great way to switch things up, and work on their social skills. 

Take him for a romp in the dog park, or set up a play date with another doggy friend.

6. Digging Box

If your Goldendoodle has an affinity for digging, create his very own digging box. Bury some toys or treats in it, and your dog will spend hours digging for treasure!

Entertain your fur baby with some homemade projects. Besides a digging box, you can make your own agility course, flirt pole, or just challenge your Doodle with an obstacle course using everyday objects.

7. Water play

A lot of dogs love to play in water, especially in the summertime. If you don’t have a pool, you can buy a kiddie pool for him to splash in, or you can go to a lake or pond. Your dog just might love a good swim on a warm day!

8. More Simple Jobs 

This is a such great way to occupy your Goldendoodle – simple tasks don’t have to be limited to indoors! For out door jobs, you might try teaching him to help pick up sticks around the yard. Have him help you carry firewood. Make him fetch his own leash when it’s time for a walk. 

Or if your Doodle is big enough and likes to pull, build him a doggy cart!

occupy your Goldendoodle

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