Hidden Acres Puppies

1 day 1 hour ago

Ruby's babies are quite the.. err.. Handful! 😍💖

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Hidden Acres Puppies

1 day 22 hours ago

A few quick snaps of Snowwhite's babies! ❤️

First two pics are the boys, last two are the girls.

Looking forward to meeting everyone for take home date tomorrow, Oct 21st!

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Hidden Acres Puppies

5 days 22 hours ago

This gorgeous little lady gonna meet her new family today! 🤩

For those of you who asked for a video, we'll be uploading one and sending it out probably late this afternoon/evening.

#Ruby #f1b #leavingpawprintsonhearts #hiddenacrepuppies

Hidden Acres Puppies

1 week 5 days ago

Off we go for a ride on the little red wagon!! 😁 ❤️

These are Snowwhites girls. Lucky families getting to take these home in a few weeks!

#snowwhite #hiddenacrepuppies #leavingpawprintsonhearts

Hidden Acres Puppies

1 week 6 days ago

Updated pics of #Snowwhites boy babies! ❤️❤️

These are all reserved, just waiting to be chosen!

For those of you who have a deposit, we'll send out a video or schedule an in person visit for choosing. Please shoot us an email or message if you haven't made arrangements yet!

#snowwhite #hiddenacrespuppies #leavingpawprintsonhearts

Hidden Acres Puppies

1 week 6 days ago

Updated pics of Scarletts beautiful girls! 😍❤️❤️

First photo L to R:

Red/bones Collar
Magenta Collar
Pink Collar

2nd photo L to R:

Aqua Collar
No Collar

PS, these are all reserved, join our email list or follow on Fb for updates on our fall puppies!

#hiddenacrespuppies #leavingpawprintsonhearts #scarlett #minigoldendoodle #f1bgoldendoodle

Hidden Acres Puppies

2 weeks 13 hours ago

What a day! Destiny had 6 gorgeous healthy babies! All are doing well 😉

#destiny #hiddenacrespuppies #leavingpawprintsonhearts #f1b #minigoldendoodle

Hidden Acres Puppies

3 weeks 4 days ago

Here's big boy Cash! Isn't he handsome?!

Also..theres a few important announcements! My website manager Eric is taking over Hidden Acres Puppies. He will be answering questions & meeting clients after Oct 1. His number is 903 471 4891. Both Eric & I will be unavailable (except for emergencies) until @ Oct 4 or 5. Im getting married, & he will be best man in the bridal party..plus he & his sweet wife will be moving the 1st weekend of October, to our house here on Hidden Acres!

A few dates to keep in mind. Scarletts litter is ready for pickup on Oct 12 and Snow Whites litter on the 22nd!

Ruby's litter will be ready for clients to select their puppy on Oct 16/17. They are ready for their new homes on November 2! Eric will be in touch after Oct 4, setting up appointments etc. We really appreciate your patience & understanding, as we make the changes etc.

It will be hard to leave my Hidden Acres Puppies family, but I will definitely stay in touch! We are excited about establishing our new home in Montana, & also reaching New families through mountainmeadowpuppies.com!

#hiddenacrespuppies #leavingpawprintsonhearts

Hidden Acres Puppies

4 weeks 15 hours ago

Check out Ruby's beauties!❤❤
#hiddenacrespuppies #leavingpawprintsonhearts #girls

Hidden Acres Puppies

4 weeks 22 hours ago

And here are the two beautiful queens!🤩
#hiddenacrespuppies #leavingpawprintsonhearts #sunset

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