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hidden acres puppies client with goldendoodle

We love our Hidden Acres families!

Our clients have come to us from all parts of Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and across the US. Perhaps the best part of raising puppies is meeting all of you, and hearing your Hidden Acres Puppies stories!

In this post, we are highlighting a few of our recent favorite stories, from clients showing off their puppies from Hidden Acres Puppies:

All testimonials published from our Hidden Acres Puppies public Facebook page, and/or with permission from their owners.

“Noodle” – Owned by Amy De Jung

Amy writes:

We had one of Goldie and Banjos puppies from their Nov 2019 litter! Noodle has been so good and so far very healthy and easy to train-potty trained in just a few weeks!! She also constantly gets complimented on how beautiful she is!! Would love to connect with any of her siblings—please feel free to reach out! But otherwise- 10/10- would highhhly recommend on of Norma’s puppies!!!

hidden acres puppies client with goldendoodle

“Snickers” – Owned by Annette Rollins

Annette says:

I have had my Snickers for 4 weeks as of this coming Friday. He is so smart!! He knows his name, he can sit on command, he can speak and give me kisses. I love my baby boy.

>>Click Here for Annette’s FB video!<<

“Lyla” – Owned by Jennifer Weinberg

Jennifer writes:

Lyla is perfect! Our entire family is in love with her ? Thank you Hidden Acres!

“Bigly” – Owned by Don & Becky Forse

Don states:

Hard to believe it’s been a year since Bigly moved in. He’s had multiple x-rays, eaten rat poison, chewed a light bulb and made too much other mischief to mention.

He’s pretty much the worst dog ever. And we love him!

Thanks again Hidden Acres Puppies.

More Recent Puppy Favorites!


“Westin” – Owned by Virginia Osborn

Virginia shares:

Norma was great from start to finish! I loved my friends pup so much that I had to have one for myself! I am so glad that I took my friends advice and used her same breeder (our pups are half brothers).
We love our little Westin & he already makes our heart happy! ???

Final Word: If you’re a client, and want to be featured, here, we’d love to hear from you! Please submit your story, along with a clear, high resolution photo via email to norma.hiddenacres@gmail.com.


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